Eagles or angels on sale: REDA, partner of HENDERSON, reveals the secret of quality (2023)

HENDERSON Fashion Group has been successfully operating in Armenia since October 2022, offering men a complete wardrobe of stylish and comfortable clothing for every occasion. The secret of the high quality of HENDERSON products is long-term, successful cooperation with the best Italian fabric manufacturers.

One such partner is Grupo REDA. Founded in 1865, thanks to the combination of tradition and innovation, this company is still a leader in the production of woolen fabrics not only in its native Italy, but also around the world.

Recently, a team from the REDA Group headed by Guglielmo Botto Poal, the fourth generation co-owner of the company, arrived in Armenia. The purpose of the visit was to get to know the HENDERSON team and to familiarize employees with the subtleties and unique properties of REDA fabrics, which are used in the new HENDERSON collection.

As part of the visit, the Italian guests also joined HENDERSON's friends, partners and VIP customers for a reception held in honor of their arrival.

Bancos.amtalked to the co-owner of Grupo REDA, Guglielmo Botto Poala, about many years of cooperation with HENDERSON, shared values ​​and the priority of high quality.

people and passion

REDA, headquartered in the Italian province of Biella, is a family business with around 160 years of history. The partnership with HENDERSON started in 2004 and has been successfully developed in recent years.

“I don't consider HENDERSON as a customer because they have the same values ​​as REDA. There are few people like Ruben Harutyunyan who follow our philosophy. He and his team don't just look at collections to buy, they understand the story behind them,” says Guglielmo.

Eagles or angels on sale: REDA, partner of HENDERSON, reveals the secret of quality (1)

As he explains, one of their most valuable resources are the people who create all REDA collections. “The 500 people who work in our company are not only our employees, but our big family. It is like a boat on a vast ocean where there may be storms, but when all these people do their work as one, the boat goes straight. I also see the same approach in the way Ruben takes care of his employees, he adds.

Another thing that is important to both HENDERSON and RED is the passion for what they do. "When you're passionate about something, it means you really believe in it," Guglielmo thinks.

The path from selecting raw materials to reaching customers

“If you want to make good pasta, you have to have great spaghetti and great tomatoes. The same is true for fabrics. The material is very important to us, so we opted for pure Merino wool from New Zealand, which is the most beautiful wool in the world,” says Guglielmo.

Eagles or angels on sale: REDA, partner of HENDERSON, reveals the secret of quality (2)

Diana Manukyan HENDERSON suit REDA fabric, Spring-Summer 2023 collection


The Reda wool factory directly manages and controls the entire production chain, from the careful selection of raw materials to the weaving and finishing phase, carried out in a modern production headquarters located in the picturesque hills of Valle Mosso, in the province of Biella in Italy.

“Another important ingredient in the production is the unique Biella water. It is really different from the water of other countries and even other regions of Italy. If you take the same wool, the same people, the same machines, and then leave 100 kilometers from Biella for water, the effect will not be the same - explains the shareholder of the REDA Group.

REDA is also very strict with its products to achieve absolute quality. As stated by Guglielmo, the quality of conformity is checked 4 times for each piece of fabric and if they are not met, the product does not appear on the market.

never sits upright

The cooperation between HENDERSON and REDA is widely implemented both in the case of ready-made and made-to-measure products. As announced by Guglielmo Botto Poala, the companies intend to further expand their cooperation also towards women's clothing.

“Working with HENDERSON is easy because Ruben Harutyunyan always supports our decisions and follows our directions. We really appreciate that,” says Guglielmo.

REDA's production is divided into three different lines. REDA 1865 are high-quality classic fabrics designed for the specific needs of tailoring. REDA Active is a line created for relaxation. REDA Flexo is a new smart stretch fabric that combines innovation with respect for the environment.

“That is why our company does not stand still, we are always looking for new opportunities,” adds Guglielmo.

The REDA Group is also sensitive to issues of sustainable development and environmental protection. The company makes every effort to become more ecological, also developing circular forms of production. This involves the use of technological innovations.

“Sometimes you can visit some REDA departments and not see anyone because of the automation of processes,” says Guglielmo Botto Poala.

In 2022, the company was certified by B Corp, which confirms that REDA Group's businesses meet high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency. “We are the first Italian textile company and one of the few in the world to obtain this certificate,” adds a family member of the owner of Grupo REDA.

Eagles vs Angels in bandages

REDA was pleased with HENDERSON's entry into the Armenian market last year. For a company, entering new markets is always a promising opportunity.

“I am happy to be here in Yerevan for the first time. I really hope people will believe in HENDERSON and RED. In my opinion, more HENDERSON stores in Armenia would also be useful, and I hope to see more of them on my next visit,” adds Guglielmo Botto Poala.

Eagles or angels on sale: REDA, partner of HENDERSON, reveals the secret of quality (3)

Diana Manukyan HENDERSON suit REDA fabric, Spring-Summer 2023 collection


During their visit to Armenia, REDA experts conducted a master class with HENDERSON employees to familiarize them with all the information about the REDA collection and help them understand the value of the product.

“There are two types of sellers - eagles and angels. Eagles are the ones who want to sell everything because they get commissions, but they don't care about the customer's needs. If the customer enters the store and is in doubt about what he wants to buy, he will get scared when he meets the seller with an eagle and ultimately will not buy anything. We are here to help HENDERSON employees become angels. What does it mean? An angel is the kind of salesman who asks the customer if he needs anything and says he's there to help. But this angel also knows everything about the products and is well prepared for any questions that may arise. When the customer sees this type of seller, he becomes curious, he can also ask for advice, and in the end he will make a purchase and leave the store 100% satisfied. He will then tell family and friends about the product he has purchased and what he has learned about the fabric, production and quality. That's why that's the secret to getting more sales by adding value with high-quality services,” concludes Guglielmo Botto Poala.

Gayane Yenokyan

Photos by Emin Aristatakesyan


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