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How our service works

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How our service works

Property management can be difficult and time-consuming. Protecting your assets is our priority. We will then make sure that all debts, taxes and liabilities are paid and that beneficiaries receive their payment from the state quickly and impartially. We are here to take care of the details, offering professional help in difficult times.

What the process includes

Dedicated service in difficult times

If there is a will, we will contact the directorBeneficiariesclarify the conditions so that there is no misunderstanding as to how the capital will be distributed.

If there is no will and we are called asAdministratorwe will contact people who will benefit from the provisions of the Act.

We will collect all the necessary documentation, such as insurance policies and savings and credit records, and explain how we handle each case.

Once administration is complete we will draw up a set of accounts and send copies to the main beneficiaries showing how we have distributedActiveand settled liabilities and costs.

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Review the deceased person's tax affairs and contact HM Revenue & Customs on behalf of the deceased personcountry.

Our Guide to Property Management Services (PDF, 1.10 MB)

Tax sorting

Calculating the various taxes you have to pay when someone dies can be tricky, but you can trust us to make it as simple as possible.

tax sorting

Inheritance tax

Current inheritance tax rules and exemptions may change in the future and will depend on individual circumstances.

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Inheritance tax considerations

Inheritance tax is a tax normally paid on the value of your estate (on death). It is payable above a certain amount (or "threshold"), subject to certain tax exemptions and benefits. To determine how much of the estate is liable, we will consider all assets and liabilities held on behalf of the deceased. Assets typically include real estate, possessions, savings and investments, while liabilities may include an outstanding mortgage or loan or any applicable taxes. We will also consider the deceased's share in the joint property. Any inheritance tax due to HMRC must be paid before we can pass on the estate to those named in the will as beneficiaries.


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Income tax

The tax you pay on your income. You don't have to pay taxes on all types of income.

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Income tax considerations

Income tax may be payable on the income earned by the Company. If necessary, we will send the relevant tax certificates to the beneficiaries, which they can send to HMRC with their tax return. If the Beneficiary does not pay tax or pays a higher rate, these certificates will help you to claim a tax refund or make an additional payment. It is very important that Beneficiaries accurately record the income they receive from the Inheritance.


Tax capital gains

Income tax on sale or disposal of an asset whose value has increased. The profit you make is taxed.

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Capital gains tax considerations

The estate may be liable to pay capital gains tax if the deceased sold the estate before death or if there was a capital gain from inherited assets. Capital gains tax laws can be quite complex. If there is a capital gains tax invoice for equity, we will use equity to pay it. In the event of a transfer of Assets to the Beneficiary, we will inform you of the inventory value. This value is important because if these assets are sold for a higher value in the future, capital gains tax may be charged on the sale.

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Financial advice for beneficiaries

If you are the beneficiary of an inheritance, we can offer financial advice to help you make the most of your inheritance - whether or not you are a Royal Bank of Scotland customer.

Our qualified advisers can help you decide how to get the most out of your assets and offer advice on investing, insurance, pensions and tax planning.


There is a fee for this service, however we can arrange a no-obligation initial meeting to find out if financial advice is suitable for you and to clearly explain applicable fees and charges.

Service Fees, Terms and Conditions

  • Fees, conditions for making a will and estate management (PDF, 4MB)

Contact us to find out more

visit to the branch

Please contact your local NatWest office to learn more.

local branches

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By phone

Contact Hugh James Solicitors today at02920391019.

Frequently asked questions

When should I expect to receive my inheritance?

Most of the properties we manage are completed within 12 months of starting. However, some matters are beyond our control. For example, obtaining a tax return is highly dependent on HMRC, while the sale of a property will reflect property market conditions. We will notify you of any unexpected delays.

What happens if the will is contested?

This rarely happens, but when it does, we usually seek legal advice before making any payments to validate the Beneficiaries' interests. In England and Wales we can also defer payment for seven months after a Power of Attorney has been issued if we know that someone may be claiming succession under the Inheritance (Security for Family and Dependents) Act 1975. We will let you know if this is the case such a need to delay payment for this reason.

How much does this service cost?

Our fees are usually deducted from the estate, and if we are the executor of the will, the fees are likely to be approved in the will. If we are appointed as Trustees, Beneficiaries will agree to pay fees before we perform the work. See our fees for the writing of a will service. More information can be found in the Property Management Fees and Terms and Conditions document.

Are there additional costs that are not covered by your fees?

Yes. Court fees must be paid when applying for a power of attorney. Fees for professional services may also be required to be paid to third parties such as lawyers and real estate agents (for example, in connection with marketing and transfer services in the case of real estate sales) and tax advisors. These fees are deducted from your estate and vary depending on the circumstances of your case. Details of these fees for a specific property or trust can be obtained from the Bank.

Do you always organize the sale of real estate?

NO. We try to treat the property in accordance with the wishes of the Beneficiaries. For example, we may transfer ownership to the names of Beneficiaries upon receipt of a power of attorney or confirmation if everyone so wishes and circumstances allow.

Does Royal Bank provide this service itself?

NO. Our asset management service is provided by Hugh James, solicitors. If your property is in Scotland, Hugh James, Solicitors will appoint Brodies LLP, Solicitors to act on your behalf.

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